Getting reliable K in K means clustering

Instead of finding K in K means clustering through visualization, let us find K mathematically.

Bootstrapping, Monte Carlo and all that… — Part2

Second part of bootstrapping and monte carlo. Applying the theory through python and practical examples

Python — The swiss army knife Part 1

My journey with python in two part series. Topics covered include lists, tuple and dictionary.

Python — The swiss army knife Part 2

Second part of my journey with python. Topics covered subsetting over lists, tuple and dictionary. Also included are conditional constructs like if-else, if-elif-else and while. Brief idea about enumerate and zip function is also included.

Juggling NetCDF file in CDAT and NetCDF4-python

People working in the field of atmospheric science and climate change often have to deal with data stored in a netCDF file format. NetCDF file has an extension .nc and is used as a container of gridded data of different dimensions, variables and their associated attributes. Usually netCDF classic format is used to store the climate data. Here we will use two different packages of python to access a model output in netcdf file format and access its variables.